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4410 West Lovers Lane
Dallas, Texas 75209


Wednesday-Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm

The Meat Shop is a European-style butcher shop and eatery located in Dallas’ vibrant West Lovers Lane neighborhood. From cowboy to consumer, The Meat Shop is the sole retail outlet for Rosewood Ranches’ certified all-natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass-fed, and grain-finished Wagyu Beef. Other offerings showcase heritage Duroc pork, all-natural chicken, and a complete selection of smoked and cured meats and cheeses.

We cut meat fresh to order, create handcrafted dishes, serve warm smoked meats, prepare charcuterie boards, and pour ice cold beer.

Stop in for a relaxed meal from our counter menu or enjoy a glass of wine on our backyard patio. Our house-crafted deli sides feature favorite standards such as pimento cheese, coleslaw, and twice-baked potatoes along with our unique signature relishes like tomato jam and mostarda. 

Custom orders and catering orders are always available. If you don't see it, just ask; the answer is likely yes.


Rosewood Ranches is a collection of working ranches in North Texas owned by the Caroline Rose Hunt family. The premier property is the Rosewood Ranch, located south of Dallas near Ennis, Texas. All of their Wagyu cattle are born, raised, and harvested in Texas.

Wagyu cattle are known for their unique flavor, tenderness, and health benefits. Derived from Japanese cattle that have a genetic disposition for producing beneficial mono-unsaturated fat and ample stearic acid within their saturated fat, Wagyu cattle have exceptionally nutritious features. The abundance of inner muscular marbling, high in the essential linoleic acid, creates an eating experience that is unrivaled in beef – tender, juicy and flavorful. Wagyu cattle from Japan are often referred to as Kobe beef, and are known globally for their superior eating qualities. Rosewood’s goal is to maximize the qualities of Wagyu cattle for the American palette.

Rosewood has been on the forefront of managing a working ranch while promoting conservation and wildlife management, winning numerous awards from organizations such as Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Sierra Club, and the Texas and Southwestern Cattleman’s Association. Holistically managed for decades, the ranch maintains a philosophy of land stewardship that ensures future generations of ranchers will reap the benefits of the property. Rotating cattle between restored native grass prairies and improved pastures, Rosewood’s Wagyu cattle live under the guise of “take half, leave half” of the grass, allowing the pastures to rest between grazing.

We believe that happy, well-fed cattle create great tasting beef.